Charlie Campbell - Director of Nation Sales | Silver Oak

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Charlie Campbell

Charlie Campbell

Director of National Sales

At Silver Oak/Twomey since: 2002

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Years spent in hospitality management at some of the country's finest restaurants prepared Charlie well for the positions he's held at Silver Oak and Twomey. “My restaurants hosted the luminaries of the California wine industry and all of them had creative, award-winning wine lists. I made the natural transition to the wine industry nearly 15 years ago."

As the leader of what he calls Silver Oak/Twomey's “ten sales evangelists," Charlie's travels take him across the USA where he loves to connect with the brands' customers. “The Duncan family focus on continual improvement in creating exceptional hand crafted wines shows in our consistent excellence, vintage to vintage." No surprise that his favorite time of the year is Release Day. “What a festive environment we create around our two Cabernet releases annually!"