Katie Thomas - FOB International Sales | Silver Oak

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Katie Thomas

Katie Thomas - Inside Sales Associate

FOB | International Sales Specialist

At Silver Oak/Twomey since: 2011

As someone who grew up in a family business ("my family owned a wine transport company and I spent my Cal Poly summers visiting accounts and delivering wine"), Katie Thomas appreciates working for a successful family enterprise like Silver Oak and Twomey. Having studied Wine & Viticulture at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, Katie is pleased to apply her skills at Silver Oak where she supports our national, regional and international sales teams with order entry, reporting and customer service.

But Katie also loves to get out and mingle with customers face-to-face. "I had the privilege of helping pour at Pebble Beach Food and Wine and for three and a half hours straight I was inundated with positive energy and passion for Silver Oak and Twomey. I got to be at the receiving end of hundreds of stories detailing incredible life experiences from birth to death that all had one unifying factor...each memory shared was associated with a bottle of Silver Oak."