Nora Comee - Regional Sales Manager | Silver Oak

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Nora Comee

Nora Comee

Regional Sales Manager

Central Coast

At Silver Oak/Twomey since: 2006

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Nora is pretty used to the envious looks she gets when she tells people what she does for a living. After all, not only does she work with the wines of Silver Oak and Twomey, one of the territories she covers is Hawaii! How good can it get? (In fact, Nora reports that the day she was hired is one of her favorite moments at the winery.)

In addition to Hawaii, Nora’s territory includes Alaska, the south Bay Area region of California as well as national accounts, so her travels take her far and wide. But as a 20-year wine industry veteran who’s worked in London, the U.S. northwest and the Bay Area, she's not only used to it, she’s a perfect fit. As she says “It’s a privilege to represent the iconic wineries of Silver Oak and Twomey.”