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Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson - Trade Marketing Manager

Trade Marketing Manager

At Silver Oak/Twomey since: 2007

Ryan Johnson caught the wine bug in 1989 when his family moved to Napa Valley from Los Angeles so that his father could take a job at Heublein, a wine and spirits producer. In his earlier years Ryan earned extra money by working in tasting rooms, but after receiving a degree from the University of Oregon he landed a marketing position for a French wine importer in San Francisco.

After three years in the city, however, Ryan jumped at the chance to move back to Napa Valley and work for Silver Oak and Twomey. Today he supports the wineries’ international sales team with marketing programs and creative processes. Sometimes that leads to, shall we say, somewhat strange experiences. Such as the time he traveled around the western U.S. for two weeks with a replica of Silver Oak’s iconic water tower to celebrate the winery’s 40th anniversary. The highlight? Setting up the tower in 10° F. weather in Reno, California!